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You travel to Italy and you know you are in the centre of the universe for all things special, whether it’s the people, weather, sea, food, wine, history, art, music or fashion.  You’re gonna experience some unforgettable jewels… but then you find the perfect diamond… a stunning gem stone, unsung, where you least expected to find it.  You instantly recognize it… it’s beauty and quality. You’ve found Parma.  Not just the food and wines but the city, the calm of the hills and a place to call home from home amid the throng… (and if you really miss the throng we’ll see you in FWT London too!) We hope you enjoy it all. NG FWT Nick Garrett Good things aficionado and owner at Parma Food n Wine Tours

Travel Safe – Use Licensed Guides – check Insurance – Guides that drive without showing valid NCC Licence are illegal

Welcome to Italy: surely the most incredible destination on earth

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3 Kings Gourmet Tour Program

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Food tours in Parma tripadvisor, Food Tours in Parma,  with FWT.  FWT The Parma Cheese Tour

A Dream of a day

Let’s take you to meet the makers :)

When you arrive at the Parmesan Cheese Makers workshop the copper vats are filled with the world’s finest milk… steaming, sending a glistening, sweet, cream dairy aroma into the air. 

You’ll now discover how “the King of all cheese” is made in all it’s meticulous detail… grain by grain.  It is prepared in the very same way just as the inventors the Benedictine Monks would have wanted… You’ll see first hand the “making”, the salt pools and the “wheel cathedral ripening rooms”, walls of cheese!!

Thousands of wheels resting in the same Mapled place until perfect.

Food tours in Parma tripadvisor, by hand… always

Food tours in Parma, cheese-racked-parmigiano-fwt.jpg

Parmesan tour 200.2

Up Close

Food tours in Parma, FOOD TOUR IN PARMA FWT Staginatura photo shoot live!!

Food tours in Parma, Food n Walk tours Parma food tour Free Vintage Cheese Tastings!! Food tours in Parma, Parmigiano tour food n walk tours of Parma Meet our Cheese maker on the legendary FWT 3 Kings Tour

Food tours in Parma, Hand cooked Parma FWT Food tours Italy

Anna cooks the curdled grains

Food tours in Parma, FOOD TOUR IN PARMA FWT Parma Ham Days

The Parma  Ham Tour

Just the sauntering drive through the regal Langhirano valley is enough to ignite your interest in the Ham makers workshops.

Probably the first thing you’ll notice is the cleanliness of the pristine workshops and the fantastic aromas that develop through each maturing hall, nook and cranny.

You’ll see them all.

You will learn some amazing secrets about the finest ham in the world.  

Then you’ll taste them!!

Food tours in Parma, The Parma Ham is finely salted... Food tours in Parma, Food n Walk tours Parma ham Cheese balsamico food tour

Food tours in Parma, FOOD TOUR IN PARMA FWT Staginatura photo shoot live!!   Food tours in Parma, Italian lunch - Food n walk food tours of Parma

it’s pretty amazing learning all the secrets from a dedicated local guide

Arriving Milan Visit Parma

FWT Our Partners

Midday break:  Parma 3 Kings lunch and tastings.

The warmth

FOOD TOUR IN PARMA FWT Lunch, a famous affair with Parma FWT


Lunch is a simply the most perfectly stunning treat –

the menu is full of the traditional Parma delicacies.

IMG_1481 Our Lunch is the Best in Parma – 3 Courses of your choice Parma ham 2Lunch fresh FOOD TOUR IN PARMA FWT FWT Lunch Tortelli bliss with us

Fresh country food – A fabulous lunch

Best we keep it secret until you receive your custom tour info pack.


The Balsamic Tour

Balsamico is the last unchanged 1000 year old treasure from medievil times. And with us you will walk through the ageing rooms and attic in a heavenly peak setting.

Balsamico is served! .. so you want to taste Balsamico FOOD TOUR IN PARMA FWT Staginatura photo shoot live!! Angelo Angelo explains the myths and legends of Balsamico


It is, we feel, simply the finest of the finest moments…

You’ll love sampling the delights and standing in the company of such history… and it’s all at your pace. This is after all, your well earned, special day.

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TOURISTS BE AWARE – do not play the ‘grey areas’ in Italy

Do you really fancy being driven around under insured?  Don’t risk your dream vacation tour.
The Polizia Municipale Parma are insisting No Tour Guides to Drive Tourists – some barely legit tour guides, like for example Food Tours in Parma, do drive tourists as shown in their TA reviews. According to the Drivers Association and the Parma Tourist board this practice is not legal as this is not covered under Social Domestic and Pleasure Motor Insurance and is required that driving of tourists only be done by NCC Licensed drivers.  You risk being spot fined 1500 euros as happened this summer on several occasions in Italy for similar flaunting.

If you have an accident whilst being driven by a guide free or not you will not likely be covered for personal injury.  An insurance company will assume that you are on a tour without proper cover and decline your claim. Legal Guides? Vatican example

The Morning

Meet 8.30am – A journey into the past… discovering the secrets of the most famous products of the territory:

   -  Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese DOP – the rustic maker

   -  Prosciutto di Parma ham DOP  -  the bespoke master

   -  Balsamico Tradizionale DOP  -   the last makers


Gourmet Lunch spread 

Gourmet  2 courses: all the Parma cold cuts, speciality dishes, 1 main (with Spinach or Ricotta ravioli and home made fresh morning Porcini pasta), 2 wines, balsamico, dolce e cafe.

Full Gourmet 3 courses with Spinach and Ricotta ravioli and home made fresh morning Porcini pasta: all the regional cold cuts, speciality dishes, 2 mains, 2 wines, balsamico, dolce e cafe.

The afternoon

Visit the incredible Balsamico makers with tastings.

HOW WE COMPARE We visit a private, reputable producers of truly authentic country DOP products. 100% satisfaction is our bottom line.


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