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Food Tours in Parma. Welcome Food n Wine Tours of Parma Italy!! More Parma with us…

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Your probably expecting to see something special here… we’re not going to disappoint you. The classic tour of Parma with prices starting from less than 80.00 euros we put quality and value together on the same table.

Many a time clients have shed a tear at the end of the day… they tell me they planned this for months and even years. One client came looking for his ancestors after 30 years contemplation.  We found them. Not every story is quite so dramatic but all your stories are held important to us because we know, from experience, just how much it often takes.

Indeed these tours have taken us some glorious years to fine tune and mature, always out of dedication much like the making of these treasures themselves… and of course not without a healthy serving of passion (muffled sound of cork popping). Refined entirely for your super, delicious fun and pleasure – always. Thank you all for choosing us, we know you’ll have a fantastic time.


Welcome to Italy: the most incredible destination on earth



Your FWT 3 Kings Tour Itinerary 




PART 1  THE PARMA CHEESE TOUR  – Meet the Masters on your way through Italy



3 Kings they are…


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Food tours in Parma, FOOD TOUR IN PARMA FWT Staginatura photo shoot live!!

 This is the 3 Kings Gourmet Tour – Full Tour Preview here >>



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Travel insured and be aware of cultural difference.  An illegal agency is again operating in Parma – Just to say any Guide offering ‘free’ transport is uninsured and not in possession of proper licence. Contact us for more information. We make no commissions on any part or purchase on the tour.