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 2 or 3 destinations, Parmesan, Parma Ham and Balsamico tours and fab ‘Tastes of Parma’ lunch.


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 We have special offers for  April because it is what it is!

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Meet Angelo Fanzini, your fab professional guide

Angelo is one of the truly great guides in Italy and will make you feel at home all day, all the way. Adored by everyone you’ll get the extra trimmings and more for sure. His strengths are too many to list! His historical knowledge and of the best local producers. Out and about tips… and a great sense of adventure and fun.

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nICK GARRETT bookings manager


Nick will take your enquiry and shape your preferences with Angelo, creating more than just the best day imaginable, but entirely an suitable one too. You may have children or special needs. We’ll take care of you. Rest assured.

Nick’s strengths include global management, ex-pat residency , cultural knowledge, love of the region and tour leader experience.
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We pride ourselves in our customer care and attention to detail, from our special bonds with our Parrma makers, to 360 quality, adding genuine value to your budget. Secure in the knowledge that everything will be easy, fun and relaxing.