3 Kings Platinum Tour – The very Best Food (n Wine) tour of Parma

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The Legendary FWT 3 Kings Tour – Itinerary



Team FWT



Food n Wine Tours are Number One for Quality – we go the extra mile, providing renowned, bespoke excursion tours of London and Parma Italy


Destination 1.  In the Parma valley of the Cheese – 9.00am Parma easy meet point


The Master Parmigiano Reggiano Maker 





Visit either a small exclusive producer or a medium sized specialist maker with tastings of 24 month premium bespoke Parmigiano Reggiano. You will see the cooking, shaping, salting and ageing rooms.
  •  Full tastings are included
  •  All hand making processes
  •  Insider information
  •  Local Guide with legendary FWT passion for the product

Most of the time the maker has his own special stash of extra aged for us to sample.
You can by directly from him at around 15.50 per kilo of finest PReg.


Destination 2.  Parma Hills

The Sweetest Parma Ham Tour

A great mountainside traditional Parma Ham maker with Culaccia and Prosciutto Crudo comparison along the way – a visit to one of Parma’s leading Prosciutto makers with the tour covering the 3 Parma cold cut product and a comparison with the original Cinghiale and Culatello making processes – scenic drive and photo shoot.




In The beautiful Vineyard setting – the most fabulous range of Parma tastes
  • antipasti
  • selections of finest cold cuts
  • selection of finest hand made truffle, porcini and tortelli pastas from the region
  • sweet and coffees
  • fine wines including choice of Malvasia or the sensational Lambrusco Brut

Our Lunch and Food Link

Info and costs

Destination 3.  Modena Borders

Organic Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale

Angelo copia

The Jewel in the Crown

Visit a rare 16th Century Loft – dropping in on a regal estate and truly artisan organic maker with walk around the garden balcony.Vineyard stroll… fun, prizes, surprises!Tour finishes at our Balsamico Vineyard around 3.30-4.00pm  – East of Parma 20min from Autostrada A1
FINISHING Reggio Emilia 3.30pm


…we’ll organize the rest


Send your form here and your 'Next Steps' info is here Your Holiday Response email! The 3 Kings day in Parma Many thanks for you email and here is your tour PDF downloadable link with info, prices and Paypal deposit details. You will be touring with Angelo Fanzini who is about the best guide in Italy so you will have an amazing day! We offer discounts and the average price will be c70.00 euros per person for shared days. Our groups are no more the 5-6 people, keeping it a quality based day for all. TOUR PDF Very best Nick Garrett FWT

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Deposit FWT – euros

With over 20 years food industry experience –FWT forming a fresh new Italian tour option with the best, crafted Parmigiano Reggiano and DOP product tours.

”Man this was the highspot of our European tour… absolutely amazing!!”

Everett, NYC USA







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