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 food n art tours FWT Parma

An easy day enjoying tastes and the world’s most tasteful arts


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Food and Art Tour Schedule


We start the day visiting either a Parmigiano Reggiano or Parma Ham maker seeing the fascinating artisan skills and tasting the treasures.

Destination 1



See the great Parma food traditions simply unchanged for hundreds of years. They will leave you spellbound and with the fantastic tastes lingering on your pallet! These makers encapsulate the absolute meaning of ‘tradition’.

Destination 2

The stately home

Then we head to the magnificent Magnani Rocca estate just outside of town and view an intimate private gallery that hosts some of the greatest artists including the following: Filipo Lippi, Goya, Durer, Rubens, Van Dyck, Monet, Renoir, Cezanne, De Chirico, de Pisis, Carrà, Guttuso, Burri and the most significant private collection of Giorgio Morandi.

magnani-rocca-foundation Magnani Rocca impressionisti


The world’s finest Morandi collection.

Morandi at fondazione-magnani-rocca


in the breathtaking Parma Vineyards


Lunch in the hillside Vineyard estate nearby and the day is sealed perfectly.

A regal treat for all art and food aficionados!


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City Stroll – Tour 2

A walkabout tour of the City center with nibbles & treasures

The Parma City ‘Concerto City’ Tour:  

Parma… famous across the world for not only it’s fine foods but also its rich musical tradition.

Parma was the birthplace of histories greats such as the composer Giuseppe Verdi and the conductor Arturo Toscanini. From capital city of a duchy, to part of the Kingdom of Savoy, and later of the Italian Republic, Parma has a long musical history which strengthened during the period of administration of Duchess Marie Louise of Austria.

She became increasingly dedicated to the development of the city’s fine arts, architecture and music, (to say nothing of romance…) and commissioned the building of the theatre, Teatro Regio of Parma, which was inaugurated in 1829.

This special city tour features Parma’s musical history through the nineteenth and the twentieth century with all its key sites. The visit revolves around the intriguing life of Marie Louise herself, who was the protagonist of a period of exceptional cultural fervor for the Duchy, during which as we will see and hear, commenced the renowned career of the ‘Meastro’, Giuseppe Verdi.

The City of Love… and Music

The tour can include the visit the following museums:

Photos of Museo Lombardi, Parma
This photo of Museo Lombardi is courtesy of TripAdvisor

•   Museum Glauco Lombardi

•   Teatro Regio (Visit of the entrance hall, the Foyer and the Hall)

•   House of Music

•   The Birth Place Museum Toscanini

Lunch at our wonderful Parma Trattoria


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Excursion Tour 3 Parma Fresco

Historical Sites, Mannerist Art, fine city lunch and Monuments Tour.

Vision of St. John the Evangelist
fresco in dome, San Giovanni Evangelista, Parma, 1520-23

Parma is a middle-sized town located in flat country near the hills and the mountains, rich in history and traditions: established on an area inhabited since the Bronze Age and Celts.

The beautiful monuments of the city tell a tale of a stratified history, which has been always, connected to the events of the main centres of Italy and Europe.

Two roads in the shape of a cross with the central square Piazza Garibaldi, show the ancient nucleus of the roman town. This square was the roman market (forum) and it extends across the ancient Via Aemilia, a trunk roman road running from Rimini to Piacenza which was completed in 187 BC, only 4 years before the foundation of Parma.

Two beautiful monuments located in the Piazza Duomo date back to the Middle Ages: The Baptistery and the Cathedral.

These are two important examples of the Romanesque period and of the influences of the Gothic architecture from northern Europe. Inside the Cathedral there is a masterpiece of Renaissance painting: The Cupola with The Assumption of the Virgin, a fresco painted around 1530 by Antonio Allegri, better known as Correggio.

The astonishing spatial, luminous effects and the virtuosity of the painting attracted the interest of many painters during the Baroque period, all inspired by these magnificent Correggio frescoes.  

The foundation of the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza in 1545, the transfer of the family Farnese from the hostile Piacenza to Parma, and then, from 1748, the settlement in Parma of the new Bourbon government, beckoned an intensive renovation of the town and the development of it’s unique culture. The dukes of Parma worked to adapt the appearance of the city to its prestigious role of capital in order comparable to other European powers.

The city tour consist of a visit of the Piazza Garibaldi, the exterior of the Ducal Palace with the Garden, the exterior of the Teatro Regio and the following monuments :

•   visit to the Duomo – Cathedral with the beautiful cupola painted by Correggio and the relief with the Deposition by Benedetto Antelami

•   the baptistery by Benedetto Antelami 

•   the Teatro Farnese, located inside the Palazzo della Pilotta 

GOURMET LUNCH  & Fine Parma Food Tastings

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