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2019 Special Bookings for you Our new Half Day ‘rising star’tour joins our famous ‘3 Kings Day’ – Let’s create the perfect Italian vacation experience for you. Nick FWT

We serve up the Proper and Delicious Parma food tours in the heartlands of Italian Tradition

Meet your guide Angelo Fanzini. The most professional guide in Parma – Our Valley of Food is yours!

Join Angelo on a Parma food tasting tour with our superb local makers. Today FWT enjoy a No 1 reputation with dedication , empathy and vacation planning knowledge.


”It was a highlight of our 3 week trip in Italy”

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FWT extras that all add up: Half Day magic or full    Genuine team. The joy of surprise. Special relations with makers.

Wander through ‘Food Paradise’ and let’s get you tasting in the warm company of makers and friends

Reviewed by TravelSabbatical2017 21 May 2018

Unquestionably the best tour! We had an extraordinary day with Angelo as our amazing guide! We felt like  Angelo has a special relationship with each of the facilities – he’s the guy you want to be with!  

You will meet our 3 great makers

Enjoy the great tastes & discoveries

The great treasures of Florence and Rome you can look at in awe… here in Parma we eat them! Legendary masterpieces through the millennia of unchanged food making traditions. A beautiful way to relax away from the crowds. TOUR TYPES Full or Half day tours on the menu right now! Plentiful is the mantra of our days.

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Complimenting Angelo’s skills set and with ten years experience as Parma food tour leader, FWT’s founder creates more than just the best day imaginable, but an entirely suitable one too.

Nick’s strengths include client care passion, love of the region and 10 years tour leader experience.


We know how important it is for you to feel the trust. FWT take pride in customer care and attention to detail. From our special bond with all our country Parma Food makers, to adding genuine kudos and value to your budget.

We’ll take great care of you. Rest assured.

My wife and our friends, Rick and Candy, had the pleasure of touring with Angelo on Thursday. Others have described the Parmigiano and Prosciutto production facilities, and the country lunch in detail. I’ll just add that from the moment we met Angelo until we left him after a terrific (and very reasonable) lunch, we felt we were in good hands. He knows his stuff; he’s enthusiastic, he’s a font of knowledge about all things Italian, a former journalist, a great sense of humor. He brought everything to life. My wife and friends were a little doubtful about doing a tour…why can’t we just go it alone? Afterwards, they waxed enthusiastically about what a great day it was.

A day like no other.  Yes, choose the best tour in Parma 2019.

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Things we love to docreate magical memories

FWT is a partnership between two industry professionals who just happen to be really good buddies… in fact best buddies. Special days deserve the best: special, caring people.

Many thanks, talk to us today and enjoy our pages.

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The Parmigiano Cheese tour OMG! 2019 is going to be amaze!

Visiting one of the great makers of Parmigiano Reggiano – seeing the whole process and tasting the fabulous DOP products.

Taste the Parma Ham visit

Another of the Three Kings the cherished Prosciutto di Parma tour. You will see the preparation and ageing vaults with special access to the very best DOP products in the valley.

Dine n Wine: An authentic, plentiful lunch with the locals

Yep we eat where the local foodie people eat! A superb spread of local cuisine at our choice Trattoria, with all the options of Vegetarian and Gluten Free. Fabulous wine and Prosciutto tastings at the table!!

Balsamico: The Jewel in the crown

Seeing is believing and the sweet taste simply unbelievable! This fantastic family produce is a great award wining Balsamico DOC.. and they make simply fabulous wines too.

And last but not least… true VFM!

Our competitors have managed to keep their prices pretty much the same over the past 24 mths. We haven’t … we’ve managed to lower them! How so? It’s all about  finding the right team.

We believe in the virtue of being generous. Giving is happiness. Ciao, happy travels and see you in Parma!

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