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Food n Wine Tours of Parma (FWT) have gained a genuine, incomparable reputation for delivering the best Parma Food Valley tastings days… let’s find out why.

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Arriving into Italia via Bologna/Milan food tours will be a starter to your fab vacation in Italy – and an ‘FWT Parma Food Valley tour’ with Angelo will fulfill all of your expectations.

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Angelo Fanzini

Your most special Parma, Milano, Piacenza, Modena food tour guide

Meet Angelo

Probably the best guide and nicest guy to possibly share a slow food Italia style day with.

He’ll explain everything, empathise and make you feel like you never want to leave the place.

Angelo has 18 years of endlessly charismatic experience leading our dedicated Parmigiano tours.

Take you through the initial booking to the food valley di Parma.

2 Great FWT valley food tours await you.

The Most Popular: 2 Destination Parma Ham/Cheese Tour

You’ll have a response from Angelo to your email contact within the hour. We’ve got it covered, setting out all the info you’ll need to book your great Half Day Tour. Suits through travel and little folks alike!


Full-Day Tour: including the incredible Balsamico Ageing Lofts

You don’t have to go far before you see our amazing reviews here and on Tripadvisor. Angelo is deep in knowledge, high on the regional Parma to Modena Food craft, and wide on insghs and Italian cultural tastes experience.




Arriving from Milan or Parma

an easy reach out to taste Italia:

Angelo tel:+393487369468



 Yes perfect tastes for the little ones too!

BITE SIZED italian food tours.

FWT is the leading

food tour in Parma.

Your Parma Guide

Insightful, superb guy & just great fun!

Tripadvisor Review

We will introduce you to all these Culinary Masterpieces!

Irresistible – Unforgettable – the Difference.

Tour insider: The FWT gift of friendship

Nick shares his experience of the times shared with Angelo and the special bond of friendship which ultimately created these tours… and continues to see them gently through the journey.

I met Angelo nearly 20 years ago and we just shared a passion not just for the foods but also travel, jazz and people.

The very last Parmesan tour I completed, Angelo was alongside, we got to the Balsamico lofts and I saw a certain look in his eye… so I stepped aside and introduced Angelo to my clients. Boy what a delivery! History blended with culinary secrets and inspired quotes.

He has such a rare genuine essence… rich like a ruby… a delight of a talk awaits you.

Nick, FWT founder.

 Generousity speaks for itself.

Platter Tastings.

Relaxing Half or Full days.

Reputation and dependability.

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For the best Parma Food Tours you are in the right place with Parma’s best guide Angelo and small dedicated food tour destinations.

All the Purest Parma Food Valleys Tour +Quality dining.

Actually our Trattoria lunches are probably the highlight of the day – still ignited by the mornings events and tastings…

at lunch you’ll be able to sit back and believe this unbelievable day”


Word of mouth recommendation is our measure of good taste.

‘I can say that this was
a perfect tour’

Elisa GB

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the best Parma Food Tours Parma's best guide Angelo and small dedicated food tour destinations.