Tour info and Schedule

A warm welcome to Food n Wine Tours, Parma’s gourmet food tour specialists.

FWT bespoke food tours co., is a Completely Customised Self Driving Tour provider.

Serving Parma’s visitors for 10 years.

According to our clients we deliver the very best tour in the world!

Our days are created with a mix of very special parts… and the greatest Italian food makers in the world.

Qualities that include:

Professional industry leading tour guide.

A relaxation mantra.

Highly Organised and Reliable booking process.

Genuinely Premium Destinations.

Health and Safety factory visits.

Award winning, experienced service delivery.

Empathic client care.

Inclusive, Care and Ecological values.

Value for all and absolute Quality.

We will safeguard your entire FWT experience.

(there’s probably no need to say it but here it is fyr!)

Never: Unprofessional client care.

Never: Lacking communication. (we have 2 tier communication with Angelo and Nick)

No: Package tour hum drum.

No: Big coach tour invasions.


Please, take a look at our PDF Welcome Presentation in the attachment.


  • Page 1: tour details, prices per person, what is included and what is not
  • Page 2: half day – full day tour summary, how to secure your reservation via Paypal
  • Page 3: transportation options (if required).


This is a relaxed ‘Country Road’ tour, where you’ll follow the guide (or he’ll join you in-car) around destinations and views.

The day is carefully planned and always bespoke, never rushed, always in small groups.

We are committed to look after your special day.


Half Day 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Full Day 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

The first visit starts no later than 9:00 am to attend the Parmesan cheese making process.

Just let us know if you need any more information and we’ll get right back to you.


Parma FWT is

Nick Garrett – Founder, Guest Relations.
Angelo Fanzini – Head of Tours. Professional licensed Tour Guide (reg. n. 15783) and Tour Leader (reg. n. 7644)