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Tripadvisor is important to us.  We value your feedback so let us know what takes yr fancy… and what doesn’t. We’ll be sure to fine tune your day.

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When I checked Food n walk tours I just felt there was that extra connection… that it wasn’t just an tour with a guide… I was right!

Recent Client quote during tour… it is about the most common observation shared with us.

Tripadvisor thank you!

It’s not just about volume of reviews with TA but other the other creative things, including our hidden gems and passion.


His relationship with the people there is what really separates Nick as every one he works with, he has a real connection to. By the special treatment and abundant extra samples given, I’m 100% certain they treated us far better than the other tours that go through there.

But what are our reviewers really talking about?


Our reviews talk about the sense of real quality, relaxation (never rushed) and richness of the day.

Not just that either – Tripadvisor regularly rank us 1 or 2 in Parma on the basis of what they determine as depth of service and quality.

Health and hygiene are prime considerations that leave us out there in clear blue… 


Client Care is the Holy Grail for us – we are passionate about it.  

Even when we worked with Parma Golosa we took our clients on the road like they were our very own – we took them to extra destinations that would have freaked the management out!

Why?  Because it is so important (to us) that every client feels this trip is the highlight of their vacation or even more.  We still do go the extra miles – we add in unlisted specials so that the competition can’t emulate us.

And we reflect that genuine energy and passion in everything we do for you. To the moment we say goodbye.


We know all the companies on the Google search for Food Tours in Parma.  We know the cheap and the cheerful too.

With us of course we could claim to have better destinations.  A better cheese maker with wider range of tastings than any other tour…

– A better pristine ‘food safe’ Parma Ham maker with all the rooms open (health and your big vacation dream day are a huge responsibility we take completely on-board for you).  And the best tastings onsite… not many agencies offer that special treat.

A paradise Modena Balsamico loft that is genuinely 300 years old and spotless.  

A selection of truly fantastic Gourmet lunch destinations and choices, tops our best in Parma roster.  Smorg tastes, massed cold cuts and mixed fresh Porcini and black truffle pastas or tortelli for less than 26.00 per person all inc.



In the past 18 months Parma Police have stopped guides illegally transporting clients in-car.  The day is ruined and the fines are enormous… it’s not an option.

Our advice is to hire a car and we’ll take you on safe country roads for an easy drive around tour.  We can help you hire a car for as little as 60.00 euros.

We do not charge extra fees for driven tours for special circumstance clients.

For elderly clients we can port between destinations FOC.


Truth is no one else has anything quite like our collection of destinations.

That’s why with 22 reviews Tripadvisor recognise us for what we are.


We’ll do you proud. It’s your amazing Italian food day, after all.



“A Day In Paradise” TAdvisor LINK

Great tours in Parmesan cooking room-

From the moment Nick came to ‘collect us’ -because we got lost, we knew we had the right guy! He brought us to watch and learn about the birth of Parmesan cheese. I wish that I could include the smells in this review! We ended the cheese tour in the shop dipping Parmesan in Balsamic and honey-stop drooling because it only gets better! 

foodnwalktours Parma 

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Beyond Bolognese: Parma food trail – Paul Lay

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… beyond the Bolognese – a great guided tour of Italy!

Paul Lay – ed FWT

Bolognese: Parma food trail

Rocket and Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese Salad

12:01AM BST 19 Aug 2006

A Great Italian Trip

For lovers of Italian food and touring Italy, there are countless pleasures to savour along the Italian food trail of the via Emilia, the ancient road that links the great food cities – Parma, Modena and Bologna – of the northern province of Emilia-Romagna.

Now that Ryanair has opened a route to Parma, it’s easier than ever to travel in Italy, explore Italy’s gastronomic heartland, eating in endless trattorias, visiting wineries, an abundance of colourful country markets and, with a car, meandering off the main road to visit some of the region’s hundreds of specialist food producers.

Bolognese: Parma food trail

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Parma, Italy: food culture city guide

Parma, Italy: a cultural city guide


Sara Evans offers a cultural guide to travel in Italy – here she talks about Parma, a city of Renaissance splendours where even the ham is presented as a work of art.



Parma food Tours, Parmigiano parmesan cheese tour, Parma Ham tour, FWT Parm, Balsamico Tours



The Duomo is part of Parma’s vast artistic and architectural heritage




By Sara Evans




As the afternoon sun fades in Parma, a genteel northern Italian city known for its art, music and gastronomy, the streets look as if they’ve been dipped in honey. Everything I pass appears mellow and muted.


Sepia-coloured stucco houses on elegant cobblestoned streets take on a vintage, old-gold feel. In the piazzas, the sun-kissed water in the fountains shimmers softly and feels warm to the touch.



In Piazza Duomo, the city’s 12th-century Romanesque cathedral casts hazy shadows over the square. Inside, I’m drawn to the golden fresco that covers the cupola. Like an open window into heaven, it depicts the assumption of Mary. As she ascends, saints and angels, buffeted by fluffy clouds, swirl around her in a fantastical celestial circus.




Parma is home to The Assumption of the Virgin, a 1520s masterpiece created by Correggio, one of the greatest painters of the High Renaissance.



Correggio was born in Parma. I come across examples of his work all over town. In the nearby National Gallery, housed within the refined 16th-century Pilotta Palace, I find my favourite piece, the wonderfully delicate and tender Saint Jerome with the Madonna and Child. Correggio is in good company – paintings by Parmigianino (also from Parma), Leonardo da Vinci, Holbein, Brueghel and El Greco all hang here too.



Leaving behind the hush of the gallery, I head somewhere livelier – to the Teatro Regio, one of Italy’s major opera houses. The auditorium, with its wonderfully frescoed ceiling, sumptuous red seating, shining white and gilt balconies and one of the largest chandeliers I’ve ever seen, is as well dressed as the most glamorous of theatregoers. Operas by Verdi, who was born nearby, are performed regularly at the Teatro as part of a popular annual festival. And Paganini and Toscanini, other musical sons, are cherished here too.





In the past, audiences showed their displeasure at divas singing off-key by throwing ham bones at them. This being Parma, one of Italy’s top gastronomic cities, famous for its mouthwatering ham (prosciutto di Parma), its delicious cheese (Parmigiano Reggiano) and handmade pastas (tortellini, cappelletti and anolini), I imagine the food throwing must have been a tasteful affair.



As are Parma’s numerous delicatessens. On Via Garibaldi, I pop into Salumeria Verdi. Here, the finest local produce is presented as carefully as a work of art. Spicy sausages dangle decoratively, cured hams hang high and shelves are stocked with yellow wheels of salty Parmesan and rows of sparkling Lambrusco.



The colours and textures are as seductive as the aroma. I struggle to decide which of these delicacies to buy, but know that whatever I do choose, I have no intention of throwing it around.



Did you know?
Marie Louise, Duchess of Parma and Napoleon’s second wife, had local monks distil violets, producing the first Violette di Parma perfume



Getting there

Ryanair (0871 246 0000; flies to Milan from Stansted from £99.98 return. 

Parma, Italy: food culture




City-break specialist Kirker Holidays (020 7593 2283; offers three nights for the price of two at the Palace Maria Luigia from £637 per person, including breakfast, BA return flight to Bologna from London, private car transfers and concierge services. The price is valid until March 31, 2012.



The inside track

Entry to the cathedral is free (9am-12.30pm and 3-7pm). Also visit the adjacent pink-marble baptistery (€5; £4.30; daily 9am-12.30pm and 3-6.45pm), four storeys of marble with fine carved portals and friezes.



Entry to the National Gallery (Piazza della Place) costs €6/£5.15 (Tuesday-Sunday, 8.30am-1.30pm). Entry includes the Teatro Farnese.

More frescoes by Correggio can be found at Camera di San Paolo (Via Melloni 3) and San Giovanni Evangelista (Piazza San Giovanni 1).



Operas generally run December-April and the annual Verdi festival is in October. Check details and book online at (Via Garibaldi 16a; from €23/£19.78).



The best delicatessens are Salumeria Garibaldi (Via Garibaldi 42) and Salumeria Verdi (Via Garibaldi 69a).



Food tours abound in and around the city; try for ideas. Check for details of 2012’s Parma Ham Festival.



The best hotels

Hotel Stendhal ££
Tranquil and tasteful four-star, situated close to the cathedral and the National Gallery (0039 0521 208057;; doubles from €135).



Palace Maria Luigia ££
Comfortable hotel, centrally located, with genteel décor and friendly staff. The restaurant offers regional cuisine (0521 281032;; doubles from €137).


Hotel Toscanini ££
Modern hotel by the river, close to public gardens and city centre. Marble bathrooms in all rooms, plus free bicycle hire (0521 289141;; doubles from €121).



The best restaurants


Gallo D’Oro £-££
Well-regarded trattoria with relaxed bistro feel serving delicious tortellini – try the pumpkin filling. Very popular, so booking is essential (Borgo della Salina 3; 0521 208846; closed Sunday).


Parma Trattoria Ai Due Platani ££
Just outside of the city, but worth the trip for its traditional Emilian food with a contemporary twist – think gnocchi with nettle pesto (Via Budellungo 104a, Coloreto; 0521 645626; closed Mon at dinner, Tuesday).


La Greppia ££
Beautifully presented dishes made with local ingredients to authentic and unusual regional recipes. Booking recommended (Via Garibaldi 39; 0521 233686; closed Monday and Tuesday).



Food Tours

Food n Walk tours of course! Absolutely the best quality and value.



What to avoid

Some museums close during lunchtimes and on Mondays; check opening details before visiting.

Many shops and cafés close on Sundays. Plan shopping for another day.

Parma’s historic centre is mostly pedestrianised, but cycling is popular. Look for cyclists before crossing roads.

Most restaurants in Parma are busy, so book.



The load down – 3 Kings tour: The Parma Food and Wines

Your 3 Kings tour day starts with  

‘The King of Cheeses’

Our much revered Parmigiano Reggiano Tour

Your FWT day starts with an incredible visit to one of the most revered makers of the famous Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.  

Here we enter another world…


You will be amazed when you enter the cooking room to watch behind the scenes, the master and his family, cookingseparating the rich whey and lifting this magnificent DOP product.

As we begin to realise the huge amount of care and daily toil this product requires we visit the salting and sculpturing room. From there we enter the ageing room: the stagionatura.

Here among countless row of wheels is where the  richest aroma enlivens the senses we learn how the Consorzio  test and skillfully hammer each and every wheel before the ritual of fire branding.

Parmesan on sugar maple / parma golosa tours 

Of course the tour is not complete until we watch the masters lift the wheels and celebrate the birth of the King of cheese.

The best part of all! … we taste this wonder with a dash of honey, balsamico and if we can twist you arm, a refreshing glass of crisp Malvasia white wine. A truly special start to our fabulous Food n Walk tour day.

Tour starts 9am (duration 2 hrs)

Food preparation takes place 365 days per annum. Non-slip footwear is advised – thong flip-flops are not suitable as some floor areas are wet.

Send me info and prices!

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Call Nick or Kate for a chat  0044 (0) 7960113799 +393383111950

2.  The Prosciutto di Parma tour

…Langhirano Parma Ham 100% natural, it’s in the air!


Our second destination is equally awe inspiring as the first… the stunning drive and vinyard ascent is a photographers dream!

We have found a real treasure, a remarkable curing workshop of Prosciutto di Parma. Located high above the Langhirano valley  in the heart of the Parma Ham DOP production area, .

Our Parma Ham factory

It’s all in the AIR

It is the along these Apennine foothills that conspire to create the unique conditions necessary to cure only genuine Parma Ham.

They say just salt, air and time is needed…

Italian Hams Prosciutto di Parma, Golosa culinary tours

But there is something else perhaps most fascinating of all that characterises this great legendary product:

the abiding union between Parmigiano Reggiano and Prosciutto di Parma.

We will see where the fresh haunches are selected an salted, visit the cooling, salting and “resting” rooms, each emulating the traditional annual curing seasons.

Best of all we will take you to the extraordinary cellar branding areas where the “Naso” or master nose deciphers the perfume of only the perfect product.

This is where we have truly the advantage over the rest because these vault house graded products aged in wood.

Send me the info and prices today!

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Call Nick or Kate for a chat  0044 (0) 7960113799 +393383111950

Please Note: most days the Prosciutto workshop  is a buzz with activity – On weekends this may not be the case.  We have access to the factory and will see all the processes for the gourmet Parma Ham.

Lunch is served!  Your afternoon delight!

be there welcome

… on the Parma hillside


Tortelli_derbetta ra ra

Top:  Your castle Lunch awaits

Above: OMGG!!!  Tortelli D’erbetta – finished in butter and Parmigiano Reggiano

Happy tours FWT

Our lunch destination is above the Parma Ham Valley – simply the best lunch in Italy


‘Salumi Misti’ freshly sliced DOP cold cut products:
Parmigiano Reggiano
Prosciutto di Parma
Culatello, Coppa
Felino Salame
…and for the full gourmet lunch the addition of:  
Tortelli filled with delicious spinach and ricotta, finished of course with freshly grated parmesan in clarified butter.
All this sipping IWC award winning wines overlooking wonderful vistas and the food valley area from the vinyeards of Langhirano.

FWT's fab Parma Lunch spread

And for a special treat – a world number one DOC traditional dry Lambrusco with full nectar nose, rich berry flavours and fresh clean finish.  Other wines include Malvasia, all grown in theimmediate  surrounding hills.
Our lunch finishes  at .2.30pm with light sweet biscotti or torta, with coffee or Grappa.  

Please request any special dietary requirements.

3.  The amazing Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale RE 

Our final destination Balsamico settles your day in the most perfect way.

Balsamico FWT

The Balsamico producer

 … visit the Aceto batteria, the Vineyards and the hillside vistas… the incredible flavors finish our paradise 3 Kings tour.

Angelo copia


(Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia)

We are proud of our Balsamic tour because it is a rare location: special and utterly unique.

The consorzio for this original DOP Balsamico product dates back to the 11th century.


Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale it is produced solely from the finest grapes and never from soured wine vinegar like its Modenese industrial counterpart.

The sweetest white Trebbiano grapes are used to make this nectar, naturally grown and hand harvested – only the finest are selected by taste from the vineyard.

You will visit the Balsamic Must maturing rooms and the batteria lofts and taste 15 year old, 22 and 28 year old Balsamico from the antique barrels.

This sweet elixir helps you savour and digest a truly great day you will remember  for years to come.

Parma food tours Food n Wine Tours

  Parma Tastes at their best –  The 3 Kings Tour 

Send me the info and prices today!

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Call Nick or Kate for a chat  0044 (0) 7960113799 +393383111950

Special diet requirements can be catered for… Just let us know prior to booking.


We accept your PayPal secure deposit here.

Client ref

FWT City days enter copia

Delicious Delicious Delicious Italy!! – welcome to Food n Wine tours Balsamico, Parmesan and Parma Ham tours

TRULY THE MOST BEAUTIFUL Parma tour – with Food n Walk Tour bookings manager Nick

Angelo and Nick serve up a great day in the Food Valley

Welcome to real Italy … 


Angelo, Parma’s much mooted tour guide will ease you around this beautiful Italian gourmet food tour.

Food n Walk Tours Parma consist of superior quality self drive guided visits, to the production sites of some of Italy’s most famous DOP food products such as Prosciutto di Parma Ham, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese as well as breathtaking strolls through Traditional Balsamic Vinegar studios of Reggio and Modena.



Parma FWT Parmigiano Reggiano cheese factory visit. Visiting a “Caseificio” is like going back in time. The “King of the cheeses” actually has very old origins and today, like 7 centuries ago, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese is still made following the same traditional and genuine methods. Parmigiano Reggiano cheese is protected by the European Union and can only be produced in a restricted area, the so called “zona tipica”, which includes the provinces of Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena, and a part of Bologna (left of the Reno river) and Mantova (right of the Po river). It takes about 2 hours to see the whole production, preferably early in the morning.
parma ham parma golosa