Are guided tours in Rome really worth it?

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You are on a holiday in the capital of Italy and want to learn more about the history the city has. Doing a guided tour allows you to see the most popular sites in Italy while learning about all the history. Guided tours organise your day and they buy the tickets to access the inside of buildings.


Having a tour of Rome is convenient. It is stress free since you don’t need to plan where to go. You also won’t need to organise buying tickets to see some of the attractions. Most of these tickets the tour organises is a ticket that skips the long queues. When you do a tour, all you need to do is meet the tour guide at a location and follow them. Some tours might have a lunch break, but you will meet again after lunch.

Learn the history

When doing a guided tour, you learn about the history of all the places you visit. No matter how much information you know about an attraction in Rome, there is always more to learn. This gives you more appreciation for any of the locations or attractions you’re standing in front of. Your tour guide will take you back to the time when these attractions were being used. Like when the Roman Forum was being used for public meetings and law courts. Or when the Colosseum had massive gladiator battles.

Rome Day Tour with Vatican & Colosseum

This is a full day tour of Rome and Vatican City. You start your day to meet your tour guide near the Vatican Museums entrance. Once everyone on the tour arrives you walk into the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel. Here you get to see all the incredible art collections. Then you will head into St Peter’s Basilica which is the world’s largest church. Then you will get time to either continue exploring on your own or to get some food. You will meet back with your tour guide at a certain time near the Colosseum. You then get to see inside the Colosseum and learn about the stories of what happened inside. After walking around the Colosseum, you will walk to Palatine Hill. At this hill, you will get a view of the Roman Forum. Your trip will end here but you will be free to continue walking around the ruins of the Roman Forum in front of you.

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