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What Are Food Prices in Italy? Food n Wine Tours 2018

  What Are Food Prices in Italy? by Gabi Logan, Demand Media Dinner for two in a nice restaurant with a bottle or liter of wine averages 28.00 euros.Not bad for the best food in the world! Italy is home to a wide variety of fresh foods — pasta, sausage, figs and sun-dried tomatoes —…
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How to make tortelli d’erbetta – tipici parmigiani

How to make tortelli d’erbetta – tipici parmigiani   tortelli d’erbetta – tipici parmigiani ravioli with erbetta – typical parmesan –  Spinach – greens ravioli with erbetta- typical parmesan TORTELLI with erbetta Tortelli filled with greens, a traditional dish of Parmesan cuisine. Of course every family has its own recipe and can vary the amounts…
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Ancelotti treats David Beckham to Tortelli in Parma…

 David Beckham’s love for Tortelli di Parma It’s pretty common knowledge to us that ex Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti (we drive by his house to lunch) has a love of watching David Beckham tucking into Parma’s special food… Tortelli d’erbetta… it’s the same for my tourists as we take them to the same restaurant for…
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Three Kings Food tours – grab your 2013 booking savings

Parma 3 Kings Food Tour Summary Starts 9.00am finishes around 4.00pm   The tour includes 1. Parmigiano Reggiano – visit a small family producer 2. Parma ham – one of Parma’s leading Prosciutto makers 3. Balsamico Tradizionale –  dropping in on a small truly artisan maker Light tastings Gourmet lunches – fresh fine produce and…
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Booking Info & Prices – A truly Full Day. Booking your Parma Gourmet tour

Thank you for dropping by! We’ll get back to you as soon as we receive your form.   Nick FWT     Booking your Parma gourmet tour with us?     FULL DAY TOUR       Be a part of the FWT family fun… always   Info Form fill          …
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The foodies Dream Tour! That’s us!

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