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Green London Art Stroll and Real Ale Tours

Yonder Green London: Art, Cappuccino, stroll woodlands and Pub lunch.. London is a surprisingly green city.. yep it’s true… beautiful and green Our tour starts in the wonderful Dulwich Village stopping off for a cappuccino in the Dulwich Gallery a gaze at some beautiful Rembrandts and onwards through the green yonder of the park-lands village…
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Secret of Emilia-Romagna

SAVE FOR LATER… OR… READ ON! The Fecund Secret of Emilia-Romagna by Patrick Symmes | Published September 2009 | See more Condé Nast Traveler articles › Local treasure: Il Ristorantino di Colomba serves Ferrara’s traditional cappellacci di zucca, handmade pasta stuffed with squash. MORE ON EMILIA-ROMAGNA The Filthy, Fecund Secret of Emilia-Romagna Emilia-Romagna: Where to Stay, Eat, and Play…
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Paintings Nick Garrett – Italy in oils

Thanks for stopping by – will be updating with new works shortly. If you have a treasured memory fwd me the image and I can recreate the moment in paint for you. Nick Garrett  Artsite Blog Langhirano Painted after, walking, driving looking Photographed Aug 2008 geo:lat=44.66779828595748 geo:lon=10.281314849853516 Corchia oil on canvas 40cm x 25cm

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Ancient trails Travo to Piacenza

Travo:  Geography The municipal territory beyond the town is made up of many hamlets and most are popular during the weekends and the summer escape periods. The landscape of the valley and the territory is Trebbia neatly grown up to altitudes where the forests cover the slopes of the mountains thickly. The river Trebbia, crystal…
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