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ABOUT GENOVA: Italian Travel and Food tours

Italian Travel and Food tours in Genova, Liguria and Parma WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2012 Genova on the Italian Riviera Lanterna di Genova – the lighthouse of the port of Genoa Genova or Genoa is still Italy’s principal seaport serving regattas, commercial and cruise destinations. The city makes a good excursion base or starting point for a…
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October 14, 2012 0

The world beyond the Bolognese: the Parma food trail – Paul Lay

… beyond the Bolognese – a great guided tour of Italy! Paul Lay – ed FWT Rocket and Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese Salad 12:01AM BST 19 Aug 2006 A Great Italian Trip For lovers of Italian food and touring Italy, there are countless pleasures to savour along the Italian food trail of the via Emilia, the ancient…
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