FWT Chi energy day tour – A Divine Escape to the hills!

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FWT Chi energy day – A Divine Escape to the hills!

Food n Learn

– feeling your energy: vital, beautiful relaxation

hillside walks

Our Food n Learn tours are a fantastic way to let go of the stress that creeps into our lives… now we have added something extra, the opportunity to learn a little relaxation meditation while enjoying the view.
Within a few minutes of gentle walking into the hills you will be in the nurturing lush green pastures, surrounded by nature, the essence and aromas of the forests, the sound of birdsong, walking and silence.  
We all need it to balance our modern lifestyles so come on into the outside inner world of FWT and enjoy.

Tai Chi moments… a special relax n walk tour

Having taught Tai Chi, Breath meditation and Chi Gung in Australia and UK  for many years Nick offers the chance to stroll to the mountain top, breath and learn a set of flowing ‘Yang Tai Chi brocade’ movements.

The walk tracks uphill for 30 minutes to a simply divine summit.

Spring water tasting from the minerals of the mountain.

Minerals become dissolved in the water as it moves through the underground rocks. This may give the water flavour and even carbon dioxide bubbles, depending on the nature of the geology through which it passes – our water is sweet, flowery and soft to the taste.

Springs that contain significant amounts of minerals are sometimes called ‘mineral springs’. Springs that contain large amounts of dissolved sodium salts, mostly sodium carbonate, are called ‘soda springs’. Many resorts have developed around mineral springs and are known as spa towns.  Our spring is unspoiled by such and the water is enjoyed by the villagers as a vital daily source.

Water from our spring is clear and still. However some springs may be coloured by the minerals that are dissolved in the water. Iron and tannins often give spring water an orange colour.

Tasting and collection, fresh from the mountain

Hillside gentle slow trekitation – a silent walk into the heart of nature
Chi Gung Mountain Meditation

Breathingtaking in the pure mountain air deep into our lungs, bones and marrow!

An average adult breathes more than 2,500 gallons of air every day, and children breathe even more air per pound of body weight making them even more susceptible to air pollution.

When you think about your breath as being your link to life, it takes on a whole new meaning. In our fast-paced lives, most of us forget to breathe fully as everything occupies our minds, except for breathing.  We are often so caught up in meeting the needs of family, work, etc., that we fail to nurture ourselves.  When my daughter was born I noticed how every single part of her body moved with her breath. It reminded me that deep breathing is as natural to us as it is a child, and it fades away as we get older, unless we pay it some attention.

Our mountain air program cleanses the mind, body, soul.

Tai Chi – Centre-line harmony movement

Return for Lunch

1-3 people 115.00
4.8 people 160.00

More info… read on 

Qigong Chi meditation is a gentle health building energy movement, based on standing postures rather like Tai Chi.  An ancient relaxation method that works perfectly to eke away the tension from our busy modern world.

Great for relieving back pain and neck tension.

During your 1.5 hour class you will learn the following relaxation techniques.

  • Breathing – Deep Relaxation breath – De-stress Breath  
  • Power (rejuvenating) Breathing
  • Detox Breathing

Nature’s energy migrates.  It creates wellness and happiness.



The Mountain is inspirational – come and enjoy it

Our day starts by tasting pure spring water… and your body says thank you

Above:  The rise toward Passo della Cisa, Emilia Romagna Tuscany border.  The site of our Qigong experience treks.


About the Mountain:  Chi energy day with FWT

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