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Food n Cook – Learn the secrets of Parma Italian cooking

We have a fantastic morning or afternoon cooking workshop running near to Parma city in a simply stunning country home.
This course suits enthusiasts interested in Italian Parma and heartland Abruzzo cucina cooking. Nothing else will bring you so close to true rustic Italian food preparation.
Suits beginners and any level of gourmet enthusiast or pro.

Our typical course includes: can be customized to your requests

Introduction: The Parma Rustic foods
Preparation of the raw foods.
Quality and more Quality..!
Preparing Prima Piate: proper cutting of cold cuts
How to make the rustic fresh pasta dishes of Parma
The perfect Ragu sauce.
Tortelli Lunch is amazing!
Sweets and cakes.
Enjoy! Now to sit down and eat together.
Local wines.
Coffee to finish
Per person group of 2 euro 178.00
Per person Group of 3-4 euro 138.00
Maximum group size 5 at 128.00 per person
All food and wine is included.
Chef: Ellena
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