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The Spanish mojo sauce is one of the most popular sauces in all the country, almost as popular as pan tumaca or alioli. Today we will teach you how to make Canarian mojo sauce (which by the way is very easy), but we will also tell you about the different typs of mojo you can find, its origins and many more things…

What is Mojo sauce??

Tapas + Tapas logo sign writing NGS South American, Spanish, Tapas Cafe signs NGS

Before we explain you how to make Canarian mojo sauce, let us tell you what is mojo?? The Spanish mojo is a sauce, actually the meaning of mojo in Spanish is like sauce. The mojo is a sauce based in pepper and garlic, two elements that always make a good combination. It´s also a spicy sauce, but if you don´t like spicy food, you can just adjust the seasoning to your taste, and it will still be good being less spicy.

How to make Canarian mojo sauce??


As we said at the beginning, making the Spanish mojo sauce recipe is very quick and easy. The best thing is that you don´t need any particular ingredient, and all of them are available almost everywhere. The only ingredient hard to find is the pimientas piconas or the pimienta de la puta madre (very, very spicy), but you can just use normal pepper and add cayenne or chilli, so don´t worry.

Next you will find how to make Canarian mojo sauce, its ingredients and the recipe…Again is very quick, it can literally take you between 5 and 15 minutes.

Mojo sauce ingredients


The ingredients for the mojo recipe are:

  • 3 pimientas piconas or half of a big pepper
  • 4 Garlic cloves
  • 1 Tbsp of sweet paprika and 1 Tbsp of cumin
  • 150 ml of oil
  • 15 ml of vinegar
  • (Additional) Cayenne
  • A pinch of salt
  • Breadcrumbs (not too much)

Canarian mojo sauce recipe

  1. With a mixer shake the garlic, the pepper and the cayenne together.
  2. Then add one by one the rest of the ingredients in this order: paprika, cumin, salt, oil, vinegar and last of all the breadcrumbs. Don´t stop mixing it while you add each of the ingredients.
  3. Adjust the seasoning. If it´s too spicy you can just either add some water or increase the quantity of the rest of the ingredients.
  4. Your Spanish mojo recipe is done!! Enjoy it!!

Different types of mojo sauce

Most of you probably knew about the famous Spanish mojo picon or also known as red mojo sauce (mojo rojo in Spanish). The truth is that although is the most famous mojo, there is also another different type of mojo. It´s known as green mojo sauce or mojo verde and its taste is very different even though it contains a lot of the same ingredients.

Green mojo sauce recipe vs red mojo sauce recipe

The recipe for red mojo is almost the same as the green mojo recipe, but with a few differences. Both types of mojos wear garlic, paprika, cumin, oil, salt and vinegar. The only difference is that the red mojo sauce is made with red pepper and the green mojo sauce is made with green pepper, plus it also needs parsley. Normally the mojo verde is less spicy, but it depends on you (you just need to add the cayenne if you want it spicy).

Where is mojo from??


If you are from Spain, you must know the answer to this question…Where is mojo from?? The origin of mojo comes from the Canary Islands, and of course if you go there one day you definitely should try it, as the one they make is delicious.

Now you can eat mojo picon or green mojo everywhere in Spain, even in some other countries. But we need to insist that the “true mojo”, the good one, is from Canary Islands.

How to eat mojo?

Is mojo sauce used for tapas? Is it used to share with another dish? Well, you can eat it however you like, but these are the most common ways to eat mojo.

Mojo tapas

The mojo sauce is used as a tapa and is very simple. A simple slice of bread with mojo is more than delicious, but some people like to add on top of it a piece of jamon serrano.

Canarian potatoes with mojo sauce

The Canarian potatoes or papas arrugadas with mojo sauce is the authentic, traditional and original dish with mojo. It´s probably the most typical dish in the whole Canary Islands. The papas arrugadas is a style of making the potatoes and then they use the mojo to dip the potatoes on it. You can always cook the potatoes however you like and dip it in the Spanish mojo sauce, but then it won´t be traditional from the Canary Islands.

Where to buy mojo?

We don´t always have the chance to visit the Canary Islands, their perfect beaches and try their delicious food. If you don´t have the time or you don´t want to cook at home, don´t worry because you can try the Canarian mojo everywhere in Spain. You can even buy mojo at the supermarket, specially the one they sell in Lidl is very good.

If you do have the chance to visit Canary Islands, we recommend you going to Restaurante Otelo, their mojo is amazing.

Enjoy the Canarian mojo sauce!!


That´s all you need to know about the Spanish mojo, hope you have been able to learn how to make Canarian mojo sauce and you can enjoy it! If you have any question or suggestion, please let us know!!

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