OMega 3 tour – Speciale Parmigiano, Parma Ham, and Balsamico


You are in our FWT Mega 3 tour  – A detailed description of the day tour and its delights.

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We visit 3 stunning valley destinations

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Your Mega 3 Tour – A Self-Drive Guided Italian Food Tour

We will organize an easy meet point and then head off to ….

Cheesemakers tour FWT food tours in Parma Bologna

Destination 1.  Part 1

Parmigiano Speciale Omega 3

Here is a tour of a maker who has made an incredible cheese with the intention of keeping all the goodness of Parmigiano Reggiano while removing salt, and adding Omega 3. The result was as consequence of a great exploration and ‘design thinking’ allowing finally a breakthrough enabling Omega 3 to deposit itself in stable form This Omega 3 is vegetable based and each kilo of cheese has 300 grams of O3 in it. It is the healthiest cheese on earth.   Come see it being made and taste it!

Part 2 Real Parmesan

Vecchio di Pianura

The Master Parmigiano Reggiano Maker

Visit an exclusive producer with tastings of 24 month premium bespoke Parmigiano Reggiano. You will see the cooking, shaping, salting and ageing rooms.
Full tastings are included.  Most of the time the maker has his own special stash of extra aged for us to sample.
You can by directly from him at around 13.50 per kilo of finest PReg.
2000 wheels Parma FWT

Tirra momento with Parma FWT Parmigiano Reggiano Tour
Tirra moment with Parma FWTParmigiano Reggiano Tour
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Parma Ham tours FWT Parma Bologna Food Tours Destination 2. Parma Ham Tour – It melts 

A great traditional Parma Ham maker with Culaccia and Prosciutto Crudo comparison along the way – a visit to one of Parma’s leading Prosciutto makers with the tour covering the 3 Parma cold cut product and a comparison with the original Cinghiale and Culatello making processes – scenic drive and photo shoot.
FLV 10
FLV 6 Parma Prosciutto di Golosa food n walk
Hamming it up - Food n walk toursSalting the Hams FWT


Yep at the Parma Ham factory we actually get to taste the fabulous stuff.. everybody loves this new feature!!
Lunch with Food n Walk tours Parma



In The beautiful Vineyard setting – the most fabulous range of Parma tastes
Our Lunch and Food Link
Floral vistas and photo shoots at every turn…
Arola lunches Parma golosa
5 star quality all day long - FWT
Berkel ham slicerThe last culinary treasure unchanged for 1000 years – still made in exactly the same way…

Balsamico tour FWT tours Parma

Destination 3. Organic Aceto Balsamico TradizionaleThe Parma Food n Walk Tours 16th century Balsamico LoftsCate-Explains fwt balsamico tours of parma

The Estate Balsamico Tour takes you to a remarkable tall pine vista perched 300m above the ‘Pianura’ nestled among the protected Balsamico vineyards. But we have access.

Here you are at the summit of the day, and perhaps of any food tour experience.  You will never forget this place..  

Visit a secreted 16th Century Loft –
dropping in on a regal estate and truly artisan organic maker with walk around the garden balcony.
Vineyard stroll… magical surprise as you taste this nectar.
Tour finishes at our Balsamico Vineyard around 3.30-4.00pm  – East of Parma 20min from Autostrada A1
We thank you for joining us on this amazing journey.
Caterina Conforti

Appy Info on the day

Finale FWT Champagna rose and white extra Brut tastings

Wine and Champagna Tasting a beautiful final option in the moment

We often find clients like to have a final treat before we go our separate ways.  A celebration of the day and all we have shared. The Reggio wines are characteristically crisp and fresh. Salute!  La Bella Vita!…  and the day. visit the Balsamico making room Food n walk Tours ParmaFood n Walk tours Parma food tourVino bianco



… and we’ll do the rest

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