It is Perfection.

Our most popular Full-Day tour of truly fantastic tastings.

Immortalized flavors

If you love the flavors of the Parma Mediterranean diet…

this food tour will suit your palate perfectly!

Angelo Fanzini, FWT head of tours

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… THE KING of cheese

3 Kings Tour

Kind Words:

Lunch was at a rustic hillside ‘agriturismo‘.

What is an agriturismo you might ask?

The best part about an agriturismo is the food – most offer an affordable home-grown lunch featuring produce, meat, and olive oil fresh off the farm.

Joel B. California

Tour 1:

The Perfection of Parmesan Cheese making

A stunning start to the day and yes the finale is a platter full of tastings.

Just a perfect day
Drink sangria in the park.

Lou Reed

Parma food tours FWT italia

Tour 2: Inside the ‘Parma Ham’ curing rooms

These mountain-side masters will amaze you.

ANgelo of FWT Parma Italian food tours

After the best Ham and best Lunch comes…

The Sweetest,

Classical Reggio-Emilia

Balsamico Tastings.

”I’ve been buying the same lambrusco from Correggio

[a town between Reggio-Emilia and Modena] since 1965.

Luciano Pavarotti

| OMG we saved the best till last!!

Seriously, your taste buds will come alive in the finest ancient Acetaia Lofts, as the owner pours you a sample of each vintage type of nectar Balsamico!

Tour host Nick FWT

Wine tasting days Balsamic Tours of Modena Parma

Why FWT?

Just a Perfect Day

Lunciano Pavarotti was born in the Balsamic valley of Modena, just next to the Ferrari workshops.

We are 2 friends, who love this culture.

| Nick: Funny we met when I was teaching English and Angelo was a student in the class… very quiet, quite reserved.

A few weeks later he jumped up and said I’m going to just say it all now as it is, so that I can learn this language!! That was the start. Within a few months he’d gone to UK for an extended learning phase, gained his (Italian Govt.) ‘Tour Host’ certificate and then undertook an intensive full ‘Tour Guide’ status licence test, which he passed first time.

We were good buddies by then and it seemed perfectly natural to invite him into FWT tours and here we are, still passionate about this, looking at how we can refine the details for your perfect experience, 15 years later.

A truly authentic Tour partnership.


FWT Founder

says it all

Italian Vacation Package & Food tours in Parma

Angelo’s tel:00393487369468

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3 Kings tour


With Parma’s Parmigiano + Proscuitto food tour professionals.

”We met the proud cheese master maker… and it just kept getting better!”

Nancy, Taiwan

ANgelo of FWT Parma Italian food tours

So now you’re here… the food tour day in-focus

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