Rome’s Italian Kosher Food Tours. FEATURE: 2 Great Tours! Rome and Parma Foodie days.

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FWT Angelo delivering the food tour in Italy, Big-FWT-cheese-day-food-tours-Palma-parma-Italy.


Food tour Parma italian days. Places to Eat Parma, Food tour Parma italian days. Places to Eat Parma


Part 1.

Meet the folks at NEMAN. Rome’s Kosher Food Tours.

ABOUT THIS FEATURE. | Editors note.

Every so-often we stumble across some gem stone companies delivering great food days and give them a big up! Here’s one such company Neman Rome Tours so sit back and enjoy the read.

Also on this page are some links to our tours in Parma – secular rather than Kosher but supporting the anti-sematic call and drives.


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FWT Feature Article Part 1. | The Neman Collection | Tours of Rome

The Roma Tour with

In the Neman culinary tour they tell the story about our family, about the oldest Jewish community in the Diaspora and their survival story of the holocaust. 

We will introduce you to our life in Rome and  let you inside the Italian cuisine and Giudaico Romanesco Cuisine, that gives special attention to the Roman artichoke and the zucchini flowers, which many believe to be the basis of Modern Roman cuisine.


With our tour , you will discover:

  • 3-4 hr Duration
  • Instant confirmation
  • Kosher Halav Israel Tourism
  • English
  • From around €89 per person
  • Discounts for FWT guests & kids
  • Discounts per kid (12-5age)
  • Private group available upon request.
  • Behind the scenes of the Kosher kitchens in Rome
  • The origin of the Jewish artichoke
  • The old fish market 
  • The secrets of the renowned burned-cookies bakery.  
  • How the the Roman Jews celebrate festivities and special occasions,
  • The ancient oven in the Ghetto and its secrets of the Italian Pizza dough, and the great grandfather of the ciabatta bread. 
  • How does the Italian mom Cookes the meals for her children
  • The original toppings of the Pizza Rossa and Pizza Bianca
  • The tradition of the Italian street food, the Roman sandwich
  • Does pasta Alfredo really exists
  • Seasonal fruits and vegetables in the local market
  • The story of the stepping stones
  • The hidden five synagogues and the great temple 
  • We charge an advance fee to secure your spot?
  • The rest of the payment will be collected during the tour by the guide
  • The date of the tour can be changed according to availability
Kosher tours italy tuscany Parma bologna, Parma Italian Kosher Food Tours  - From Tel Aviv - These superb days.
Kosher tours italy tuscany Parma bologna
Parma Italian Kosher Food Tours  Fall in Love! These superb days.
Food tour Parma italian days. Places to Eat Parma, Food tour Parma italian days. Places to Eat Parma

Part 2.

The secular food day of FWT Parma Foods

FWT Feature Article Part 2 | The Parma Tours | Secular Italian Traditional Foods (non-kosher)

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PART 2: FWT ‘secular food tours’ of Parma Valleys

This part of the page introduces you to our FWT ‘Parma based’ Italian food tours.

‘Classico Bella Figura’ | Please note that there are no Kosher food tours in Parma. We do offer the classic FWT Italian Cuisine tours to our secular clientele which include non Kosher foods such as Prosciutto and some cheeses..

Parma food Tours Bologna, Parmigiano parmesan cheese tour, Parma Ham tour, Balsamico Tours.

Response within the hour. Booking your great 2 Destination Tour, suits the little folks too!


Parma food Tours Kosher tours italy Tuscany Parma bologna, Bologna, Parmigiano parmesan cheese tour, Parma Ham tour, Balsamico Tours.

Parma Full-Day Tour PLUS: Inside Balsamic Lofts

Booking your all day 3 Destination Tour, suits keen slow foodies Response within the hour.


Food tour Parma italian days. Places to Eat Parma, Food tour Parma italian days. Places to Eat Parma

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Vacation Tour tips to Israel

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Q: What are suggestions for doing a secular tour of Israel, maybe 10 days (packaged tours, specialty agents, on my own)?

What interests you? Art, history (modern or Crusader), archaeology, military, religion or just to meet people?

I am here too long to know what is still available, but you need to decide how long you want to spend in any one area on any one subject.

I have been here 50+ years and still tour only in Israel. Do not do a “10 must see” type, you will spend your time driving. Decide on 2 (10 days less sabbath) areas to see. Look into free walking tours, usually half day tours of Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. I did the Jerusalem tour and enjoyed it (give a tip to the guide).

Before bluetooth, you could “join” a tour that was in the same area.

Warnings: Take water. Do not rent a car without GPS. Know where you are. Take water. Wear a hat, minimum, a cap. Keep your wallet and papers protected. If you feel tired, you may be dehydrated. Do not sun bath between 10AM to 4PM. Take water, small 1/2 litre bottles can be purchased at most stores and petrol station. Have a way to carry hat, water, small souvenirs, maps and tour books. Do not leave any belongings in view in a car.