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Modena is a shrine of treasures to be discovered without haste, surprising travelers with a magical interweaving of art, gastronomy, music and motors.

Located in the heart of Emilia-Romagna, the city boasts a UNESCO World Heritage Site (Duomo, Piazza Grande and Torre Ghirlandina) and it’s recognized as an inspiring land, attracting talent and passion, giving birth to celebrities admired all over the world such as Enzo Ferrari and Luciano Pavarotti.

On the trail of a glorious artistic and cultural heritage

Modena is home to architectural gems of such rare beauty that they were designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. For lovers of art and culture, Modena is a destination not to be missed.There’s no shortage of sights to see for a one-of-a-kind experience: elegant historic buildings and castles; museums, archives, and libraries; churches and other religious monuments; theaters, architecture, and intriguing archeological discoveries. An unbelievable voyage through time awaits.

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Take a trip through genuine food and wine traditions

Modena and its surrounding countryside are known and envied the world over for the outstanding food and wine they produce. In fact, among Italian provinces, Modena is one of the richest in products guaranteed by the “protected designation of origin” or “protected geographical origin” symbol. Modena is the ideal destination for food lovers. Come discover the best of Modena’s local products and culinary traditions.

Food tour Parma italian days. Places to Eat Parma, Food tour Parma italian days. Places to Eat Parma

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Food tour Parma italian days. Places to Eat Parma, Food tour Parma italian days. Places to Eat Parma

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Excitement is guaranteed at the production center of the world’s best known automobiles.

Modena is the birthplace of Enzo Ferrari, and automobile manufacturing and legends of speed are an integral part of local culture. A talent for business, a passion for high-performance machines, a devotion to the possibilities of mythical speed—those ingredients have made Modena the car capital of Italy and the world, in the heart of the Motor Valley.

In addition to the Ferrari Museums (one is located in Modena and another in nearby Maranello), a journey of only a few kilometers takes visitors to plants, private collections and to such shrines as the Maserati plant and showroom, the Umberto Panini Collection of vintage cars, the Stanguellini Museum, the Righini Collection, the Pagani factory and its museum, and the Autodromo di Modena. 

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A deeply rooted tradition, an intimate rapport, and a harmony that can never be disturbed—Modena is music.

An extraordinary connection across time links ancient origins and Modena’s musical present. Since the time of the Este dynasty, a love for song has been cultivated in Modena’s schools, musical academies, and theaters and through frequent public events. This deeply felt vocation has brought acclaimed opera singers such as Mirella Freni, Raina Kabainvanska , and Luciano Pavarotti (“the Maestro”) to international fame.

Surround yourself with unspoiled nature, entertaining recreational activities, and ample opportunities for fun and relaxation.

From the plains to the mountains, and throughout every season of the year, the Modena area offers nature lovers, sports enthusiasts, and relaxation seekers thrilling adventures and uncommon opportunities for rest and relaxation. Explore nature trails on foot or by bike and visit parks and animal preserves to surround yourself with the most untrammeled natural beauty. Finish off the day with moments of pure relaxation at the captivating Salvarola Hot Springs, prized by the ancient Romans for their healing properties. Days filled with new discoveries, plenty of fun, and much-needed rest are waiting for you here.

Visit splendid medieval towns, castles, and historic homes for an experience of timeless charm.

Take a stroll through ancient villages and admire perfectly preserved fortresses, castles, and towers, reminders of a past in which the rich and powerful fought for domination of the territory. Spend your days taking in history, art, and beauty as you discover unique local communities. Get to know these splendid corners of the Province of Modena for an authentic taste of local culture.

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